"Thunderer" Set of 4 Greeting Cards, Holiday Cards - Haida, Tlingit, Native American Art Blank Cards

"Thunderer" Set of 4 Greeting Cards, Holiday Cards - Haida, Tlingit, Native American Art Blank Cards


"Thunderer" - Blank greeting cards. Bright white, heavy cards with envelopes. Great for all occasions, Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, etc. Unique cards with Pacific Northwest Coastal style art. Set of 4, 5 3/4" by 4 1/4".

This is the sixth piece done in the Haida / Tlingit style. While I was at an art festival recently, I had a visitor ask if I had, or would do, a buffalo design. So here it is!

While the Bison was not an integral part of the Pacific Northwest tribes, it was of paramount importance to the plains tribes. The buffalo provided for a great majority of resources that the people required; food, hide, fur, and artifacts used in ritual and religion.

These Native American & First Nations (American Indian) art prints make exceptional gifts for any art lover, and for many occasions, including Christmas, Birthday, New Home, Wedding, and more! Bring a piece of Pacific Northwest Coastal art into your home as unique wall décor, or give as a unique, spiritual, and meaningful gift. The style is based on the Haida and Tlingit tribal art style from the Canadian Pacific Coast. Uniquely spiritual, these depictions of totem and spirit animals of Native American & First Nations peoples, represent the beliefs of the indigenous people of North America.

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