Haida Killer Whale, Tlingit Orca Art Print,Pacific Northwest Coast, Native American, First Nations Art - "Pacific Dream" 8x10 in RED

Haida Killer Whale, Tlingit Orca Art Print,Pacific Northwest Coast, Native American, First Nations Art - "Pacific Dream" 8x10 in RED

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"Pacific Dream" Art Print in Red

This is the first piece I did in the Haida / Tlingit style.  Because I was born on Vancouver Island in Canada, and grew up in the Yukon Territory, this style has a very special place in my heart.  I adore this type of artwork, and spent a lot of time on this piece to remain true to the style, but also to include my own style as well.  The killer whale, or Orca, is an especially powerful and beautiful symbol to me.

The Orca symbolizes family, romance, longevity, community and travel.  Also considered the wolf of the sea, the killer whale shares some qualities of the wolf and the human.  They have a very cooperative and communal way of life.

These Native American & First Nations (American Indian) art prints make exceptional gifts for any art lover, and for many occasions, including Christmas, Birthday, New Home, Wedding, and more! Bring a piece of  Pacific Northwest Coastal art into your home as unique wall décor, or give as a unique, spiritual, and meaningful gift.  The style is based on the Haida and Tlingit tribal art style from the Canadian Pacific Coast.  Uniquely spiritual, these depictions of totem and spirit animals of Native American & First Nations peoples, represent the beliefs of the indigenous people of North America.

Matte Style:
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  • All paper is acid free to ensure the longevity of your print.
  • Your custom art print is 8x10, and is shipped with a 11x14, black, single mat and backboard in a plastic sleeve.
  • Optional: You can replace the default single black matte with a custom color double matte for $10. (As shown in the images)
  • All prints are hand signed.


  • All artwork is under copyright protection by Merlee Bos/Merlee's Moods. All Rights Reserved. No unauthorized duplication, replication, distribution.
  • If you have something special in mind that does not appear in my listings, please contact me!
  • To ensure the longevity of your custom art print, make sure to frame with glass covering the artwork, and hang out of direct sunlight.

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