Custom Tote - Haida Inukshuk, Tlingit Inuksuk, Native American, Pacific Northwest Coast Art 14 3/8" x 14" tote! "Standing Rock Inuksuk"

Custom Tote - Haida Inukshuk, Tlingit Inuksuk, Native American, Pacific Northwest Coast Art 14 3/8" x 14" tote! "Standing Rock Inuksuk"


"Standing Rock Inuksuk" - 14 3/8" x 14" Tote

A classic, all-purpose natural cotton tote by American Apparel. Excellent gift for all occasions, Christmas, birthdays, anniversary, etc. Unique, beautiful and eco-friendly reusable shopping tote with Pacific Northwest Coastal style art.

These heavy reusable shopping bags are 100% made in the USA!
• 14 3/8" x 14" inches.
• 100% Bull Denim Woven Cotton construction.
• Dual handles.
• Fabric weight 11.0 oz/yd² (373 g/m²) .
• Machine washable.
• Printed on both sides.


The Inuksuk (Inukshuk) is a cairn built by stacking rocks, often in the shape of a standing person.  These cairns were built by the Inuit and other peoples of the Arctic regions.  The Inuksuk were often placed as landmarks and guideposts. This symbol seemed to be a very fitting image for the Standing Rock protest.  Done in the Haida / Tlingit style that I love so much, I placed it on a background circle painted with India ink to represent "water is life".

The situation surrounding the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in North Dakota, has been a travesty and an inspiration.  I am thrilled to see the support Standing Rock has received, not only from other Native Americans, and not only local people, but from people around the world. The situation however, has escalated past what I would have thought possible.  The greed, the disrespect, the dismissal of the Native rights has infuriated me, along with the world. As an artist, this is the only way I could think of to directly help in the #NoDAPL fight.  

All proceeds (after expenses) from the sale of this design, will be donated directly to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe via their official donation page on their website at

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These Native American & First Nations (American Indian) art totes and bags make exceptional gifts for any art lover, and for many occasions, including Christmas, Birthday, New Home, Wedding, and more! Bring a piece of Pacific Northwest Coastal art into your home as unique home décor, or give as a unique, spiritual, and meaningful gift. The style is based on the Haida and Tlingit tribal art style from the Canadian Pacific Coast. Uniquely spiritual, these depictions of totem and spirit animals of Native American & First Nations peoples, represent the beliefs of the indigenous people of North America.


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