• Why are fine art prices so high?  Same question for pillows, totes, and apparel.

    • Unfortunately, the cost to have these prints made is very high.  Unless one can order in large quantities, printing on-demand is very expensive.  Most often, the printer makes 3-4x on a product than I do.

  • Why are my print prices higher than many other prints seen on Etsy or Amazon?

    • Partly because of the cost to print and matte.  Also, there is a LOT of time and effort that goes into maintaining and selling my artwork.  There is also the "value" of an item to consider.  If all artists were to succumb to mass production and import cheap prices, then what value does original artwork have?  Look at the prices of Hallmark cards for example, which are mass produced and are sold in thousands of stores.  Then look at an artist produced art card, and judge the value.  Ultimately, I value my time, my art, and the blood, sweat and tears that I expend in doing this.

  • What is the difference between a standard print and a fine art print?

    • There are two primary differences: paper and ink.  With fine art prints, fine art paper or canvas is used.  These are the same materials that artists use to create originals.  Frequently they are 100% cotton, or a cotton-rich blend.  For ink, there are two types: dye and pigment.  Dye based inks are your typical printer inks, which can last a long time, but, they do fade with time.  Pigment inks are the same as original inks and paints, they are considered "permanent".  Originals, archival and museum quality prints use pigment inks.

  • Why are there watermarks on my images?

    • You would be amazed at how many people think that just because a picture is seen online, then it is free to use as they want!  I have had numerous people, and even companies, try to have products made with my art on them.  Only when the printer (thankfully!) informs them that they need the artist's permission, do they contact me to ask.  The watermarking ensures that at the very least I am making it clear that these images are not free to use, and, it gives a heads up to printers that these images are not to be used.