All images are under copyright by, and created by, Merlee's Moods / Merlee Bos. All Rights Reserved.

You MAY:

  • Display one of MY images (the image MUST come from my website) on social media, or your website, so long as the watermark/copyright notice remains intact and visible, WITH attribution and link to
  • You may take a photo of your purchased print as it is displayed in your home for the purpose of posting on social media. Attribution and link to is greatly appreciated.


  • You MAY NOT modify (size, color, shape, content, etc.) any portion of any of my images without written permission.
  • You MAY NOT print, publish, sell, give away, or otherwise distribute any of my artwork, either for personal or commercial use. This includes: copying, printing, t-shirts, clothing, leather goods, TATTOOs etc.
  • Purchased prints MAY NOT be scanned or photographed for the purpose of any distribution, personal or commercial, paid or unpaid. Except as stated above in the "YOU MAY" section.
  • My artwork/images MAY NOT be listed on any third-party printers, distributors, etc.


All creative work, whether it be art, photography, written word, etc., is automatically and inherently under copyright protection by the creator. PLEASE do not use any of the above without written permission of the artist/creator. The ONLY exception to this is if the work is specifically marked/identified as being in the public domain. Just because an image is displayed in the results of a Google (or other search engine) search, does not mean that it is freely available for your use (either personal or commercial).