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New - Bird of Paradise

"Bird of Paradise"


This was drawn specifically for a good family friend.  I wanted to brighten her day, and send her the well wishes from my family to hers.  In looking at many different subjects, I finally came upon the Bird of Paradise.  With its brilliant and flamboyant feathers, it made for a nice combination of my usual tribal style, mixed with a more floral, swirly style.  Another friend suggested the flair of color in the tail, and it worked out beautifully.

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New Haida / Tlingit Wolf - Native American Art

The Melody - Original Haida, Tlingit Wolf, Native American Art Print, Custom Order

Original custom order art print of a Pacific Northwest Native American standing, howling wolf.  Haida, Tlingit Wolf, spirit wolf, wolftotem.  By Merlee Bos / Merlee's Moods.

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