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"Child Within" New Addition to the "I Am Woman" Collection

"Child Within"

This drawing is the fifth in my "I Am Woman" collection.

All women, no matter how old they get, have a child within.  She is the vulnerable one, the one that still navigates her path through life with wonder.  She is the one who still has stars in her eyes, and her mind flies off to explore, to question, to wonder, to dream. Her love is endless and unconditional, and she seeks to be let out….To love and be loved, to nurture and be nurtured, to care and to care for, to be protected and to provide protection.  Treated gently, she will flourish….Damage her, and she will wither and harden.

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Passion! New Addition to "I Am Woman" Collection.


This drawing is the fourth in my "I Am Woman" collection.

Passion, thy face is woman.  As lovers, mothers, daughters, friends and guardians, a woman's passion ignites in others a reflection of her love.  But not only love.  She is passionate in her ambitions, her fury, her principles, her justice and her protections.  Here, her passion unfolds as a flower blooms, her tattoo reminiscent of tears for the strength of her emotion, of joy and pain that she feels so strongly.

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New - Bird of Paradise

"Bird of Paradise"


This was drawn specifically for a good family friend.  I wanted to brighten her day, and send her the well wishes from my family to hers.  In looking at many different subjects, I finally came upon the Bird of Paradise.  With its brilliant and flamboyant feathers, it made for a nice combination of my usual tribal style, mixed with a more floral, swirly style.  Another friend suggested the flair of color in the tail, and it worked out beautifully.

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