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Steampunk Owl

This is the fourth in my Steampunk Collection. Though this one is less mechanical looking than the others, I think the owl made a great addition with the engraved metallic style. The amethyst metallic embellishments really pop in this piece. This drawing is very detailed and intricate and took me close to 25 hours to complete. 

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Kodiak - Haida Native American

This is the fourth piece done in the Haida / Tlingit style. Because I was born on Vancouver Island in Canada, and grew up in the Yukon Territory, this style has a very special place in my heart. Growing up, bears were a regular part of life, and we saw them on a regular basis. in fact, watching them at the dump was a common entertainment! When we were sick as kids, we were installed on a fold out couch with a bear hide covering us. The grizzly bear is a powerful symbol, and a powerful animal. The Kodiak bear, specific to the Kodiak Island area of Alaska, is the most massive of these bears.

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Steampunk Horse

"Steampunk Horse"

"I have had a lifelong love affair with horses. I have drawn them since I was a child, and it was always my dream to own one. While that has not been fulfilled, I still surround myself with horses in art, and am always drawn to drawing them. When I first decided to attempt a steampunk style drawing, naturally, it was a horse that first came to mind. Here is the result. This drawing was by far the most detailed and intricate that I have yet to create, and took me close to 30 hours to complete. " - Merlee Bos

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