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New Haida / Tlingit Wolf - Native American Art

The Melody - Original Haida, Tlingit Wolf, Native American Art Print, Custom Order

Original custom order art print of a Pacific Northwest Native American standing, howling wolf.  Haida, Tlingit Wolf, spirit wolf, wolftotem.  By Merlee Bos / Merlee's Moods.

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Kodiak - Haida Native American

This is the fourth piece done in the Haida / Tlingit style. Because I was born on Vancouver Island in Canada, and grew up in the Yukon Territory, this style has a very special place in my heart. Growing up, bears were a regular part of life, and we saw them on a regular basis. in fact, watching them at the dump was a common entertainment! When we were sick as kids, we were installed on a fold out couch with a bear hide covering us. The grizzly bear is a powerful symbol, and a powerful animal. The Kodiak bear, specific to the Kodiak Island area of Alaska, is the most massive of these bears.

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